Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is a pet peeve of mine: waiting for people. NOW, my cousin is at her friend's recital and me and her are supposed to go downtown to check something. The recital started at 1 PM and it is now 3:19 PM (as I type). I am fresh (showered) & dressed, ready to go. When I want to do something, I just go and do it. I hate having to wait for people and I don't like when people are waiting for me, it makes me feel bad. This is the 2nd day in a row where I had to wait for this girl to finish what she's doing so we can do what we previously planned. Well, she has something that I need to get from her. Plus, it's Sunday, stores close way earlier. I'm not stressing it, well, not that much. I mean, we're going to the club tonight and I have no shirt to wear. ::sighs::

Speaking of the club tonight, my boyfriend will be there. Now, I've had a previous experience where I went to a party with an ex and I was not happy at the end of the night. I know how I am and I am jealous. I know Kevin won't OD, but it's these biddies I'm worried about. I just hope that none of these females pull a stunt or anything. But other than that, nothing but positvity for the night, ya diig? lol

So yesterday Kevin started his first day of work at the Aquarium (in Coney Island). He said his day was cool. I'm happy that he got a job because he was really looking for one for a minute and now he's found one. Kinda sad because we won't see each other as much as we have, you know? But he's working and he'll be getting money of the things he has been wanting. After work, I went to go check him. We went to grab some pizza at our favorite spot (Family Pizza, Flatbush & Parkside, good stuff,lol). After that, we went back to his house and watched some movies (Borat & Dreamgirls). I never saw Borat and watching it for the first time had me ROLLING, lol. It was really funny. After our lil movie thing, we left the house to meet up with his friend David and my cousin Adrianna because we were going to the chinese buffet by David's house. I had a fun time with my people. When we left the chinese buffet, we took pictures on the way back to David's house. We got to Dave's house and were just chilling, chatting up and being silly. Kevin and I were definitely being all lovey-dovey that night, him always asking me for a kiss and me always wanting to be near him, hugging him.

Song Of The Week: "Here I Stand" by Usher, the title track of his new CD. Kevin put me on to it,lol. I love this song

Here I Stand - Usher

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