Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Good, Feeling Great

Feeling Great, Feeling Good, how are you?

lol, ye-yah, I haven't written in a minute. I had nothing to write about, honestly. I been doing my school thing and when I come back from spring break, I'm probably going to take a break from the internet to get tighten my schoolwork up.

Oh yeah, I'm on spring break right now, lol. I came to Delaware to spend time with the fam and tomorrow I'll be making my way to Brooklyn. I can't wait. I'll blog about that because I always enjoy myself when I come back home. BTW, my 21 month old sister is the cutest, but she's too grown, lol. She's speaking a lil bit, repeating things my lil sister says and it's just adorable as hell, lol. I miss my baby MUCHO, lol. Can't wait to see him tomorrow when I pull into the train station. My mom is a trip. Today she asked me if me and Kevin broke up. I'm like,no why? I found it funny because it's nothing like that at all. She said she asked that because I haven't said a word about him since I got home. I mean, me and my pookie are fantastic, nothing new to mention about us.

I'm starting to think that I have a shopping addiction. I've just been thinking about shopping when I come back home (to Brooklyn). I need to kick that habit because times are about to be harder than they were, but I can do it!

I will be vlogging, I've made the decision to do it so when I do, I'll let yall know where to find 'em.

My bestie Lauren put me on to Keri Hilson's remix to Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On" and I like it. Personally, I've been down with Keri Hilson since 2007 when I heard her on Timbaland's "Shock Value," so if she dissed Beyonce or not, I don't care, Ms.Hilson has talent, but that's just my opinion, lol.

turn my swag on (dime divas remix) - keri hilson

OH YEAH, I reeeaaallllyyyy appreciate the new followers, as well as the old ones. I'm actually happy that my blog amuses some people and thank you! lol

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hmm, I'm thinking about it. I just made a YouTube account like a couple of weeks ago and I'm just watching these videos and whatnot. So it popped in my head, "Hey! Why don't you vlog?" lol, so I'm considering it. But before I put myself on camera, I gotta get my wig tight (hair done). ::sighs:: luckily I'm going to NY soon and I'll get that duly (I hope I spelt that correctly, lol) needed touch up.

Kevin and I are back on good terms after fighting off and on for like a week. That's really rare of us. I haven't spoken to him on the phone in 2 days. We settled the situations and got some clarity of some things, including the relationship. Now I can just think about going to see him and spending time with him.

Today was nice but tomorrow will be nicer! lol, I'm probably going to go out and enjoy the weather tomorrow.

I miss home, with my family and Brooklyn. But spring break is officially in 1 week (Whooo!!!) lol, I'm excited for that.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Have You Ever

felt alone?

You can be amongst SO many people, interact with them, ride the bus with them, take a class with them, but yet, feel so alone?

Have you ever felt that not 1 person understands you? People think they know a person so well, but honestly, they only know a small portion of what you decide to show them and what you allow them to see.

People claim to be there for you and claim to listen to you, but in reality, no one can be there and listen to you better than yourself, as crazy or as weird as that may sound.

I Wonder

I wonder if I take things to the heart. I really do. At times, I can be very serious and take things seriously, I know that. My freinds have told me this before.

Perfect example

So I'm watching this movie on TV One called "My Brother", which is about this dude who has to take care of his mentally challenged brother after his mother dies. Now, I have 2 siblings that have mental disabilities so I can kinda relate to this movie (I'm getting upset as I type this). So there's a scene in the movie where the mentally challenged brother is getting somewhat beatup by these dudes his brother owes money to. So I'm telling Kevin that it's hitting my heart and he's like change the channel and then procedes to tell me that he's going to hang out with his homegirl. I felt like he was disregarding what I said because it was like,ok, you said how you felt and now that you got how you feel out of the way, let me tell you about what's going out with me

I understand, it's just a movie, but it's still a situation that is near and dear to me. I don't know, I might have OD'd, but still. It's not like he doesn't know about my siblings, I've told him before. Even cried to him because of something that might happen to one of my siblings.

I don't know if the reason I'm acting this way is because my emotions are on high or if it's a situation that I take very seriously, or if it's a combination of both.

This has been the fourth disagreement/fight, whatever you want to call it, between me and him since friday. It's so annoying. Maybe I'm just a sensitive person.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Get It Right

::singing:: get it right, get it tight!

lol, so I'm trying to "get it right," a term my and my friends use to refer to working out and getting the body together. I feel like my stomach is getting a lil pudgy, I'm not comfortable with how it looks so I've decided to do something about it. Me and my bestie (Lauren) started doing stairs today; jogging up and down the stairs in our dorm to burn some fat. It took some wind out of me though, lol. We've decided to do it everyday for the month. After the stairs, I plan on doing some crunches. Hopefully, by April, my midsection area is toned down.

Today we had a snow day, NO SCHOOL!!!! I slept in, woke up 3 PM and went to The Diner. I had some french toast, home fries and hot chocolate. It was quite good, lol. I wish we had a snow day tomorrow, but I know that's not going to happen.

Oh yeah, my school situation is handled. I didn't really speak on that. Basically, my mom helped me out and I'm still in school. I'm so thankful for her.

Spring Break is coming up and I get to come home. I haven't been to BK in a minute and I miss it, lol. But next year, I'm trying to go somewhere exotic and warm, definitely.