Friday, March 6, 2009


Hmm, I'm thinking about it. I just made a YouTube account like a couple of weeks ago and I'm just watching these videos and whatnot. So it popped in my head, "Hey! Why don't you vlog?" lol, so I'm considering it. But before I put myself on camera, I gotta get my wig tight (hair done). ::sighs:: luckily I'm going to NY soon and I'll get that duly (I hope I spelt that correctly, lol) needed touch up.

Kevin and I are back on good terms after fighting off and on for like a week. That's really rare of us. I haven't spoken to him on the phone in 2 days. We settled the situations and got some clarity of some things, including the relationship. Now I can just think about going to see him and spending time with him.

Today was nice but tomorrow will be nicer! lol, I'm probably going to go out and enjoy the weather tomorrow.

I miss home, with my family and Brooklyn. But spring break is officially in 1 week (Whooo!!!) lol, I'm excited for that.

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