Sunday, September 28, 2008

All Things Entertainment

This blog entry is dedicated to some things that deal with entertainment. Nothing bad, just the new things I love and how I feel about them

New Album
You already know Imma talk about Jazmine Sullivan's new album, "Fearless." I like it but the way they put the songs together just didn't fit right. My favorite tracks are "Bust Your Windows", "Lions, Tigers, and Bears", "My Foolish Heart", "Switch", and "Dream Big". I guess she had a lot of input in the song selections and wanted to display her versatality when it comes to genre. She probably didn't want to just stick to songs that were more like modern R&B. You can definitely feel the emotion she has in each song and it just gave me this feeling in my heart. I know for sure she would be fantastic live. I heard she recently shot her video for "Bust Your Windows" in Brooklyn,NY so look out for that. Here is her CD on good ol' imeem,lol

New Video/Short Film
I LOVE Janelle Monae,lol. When I found out her suite came out, I was feening. I had my boyfriend listen to some songs, but he really didn't like it. He also didn't think that I would listen to her style of music, but I do. I wish I could see her live but when I finally caught on to her, the day she performed on Central Park's Summer Stage passed. My time will come,lol. Anyway, I heard that her short film for "Many Moons" was debuting on 106 & Park. I have stopped watching 106 & Park for the simple fact that it's boring. Now it's 2 hours,oh father. But I flipped the channels from BET to whatever I was watching to make sure I didn't miss it. As soon as they said "Coming up,we have Janelle Monae", I didn't move an inch,lol. I really like this short film and it's just so hot so check it out!

New Movie
There's been a lot of talk about a movie being made about Biggie's (aka Notorious B.I.G.) life and now there is a teaser trailer. Me coming from Brooklyn am VERY hype and interested in seeing this biopic. Also,being from Brooklyn, I'm assuming the best of the best. That man is a legend in the rap game and his movie should be done in great taste. I was reading this blog and this girl said that she hopes the movie is good or she'll boycott it. I'm pretty sure Voletta Wallace (Bigge's mom) had a great deal in what was going on in the movie. She's very passionate about her son and I know she wouldn't have let it turn to shit. Angela Bassett plays her in the movie and Derek Luke plays Diddy. Watching the teaser trailer gave me chills just because anything with Biggie gives me chills, that's how you know he left his mark in the world. I was reading the 15 anniversary issue of VIBE with Jigga on the cover and you know how they have the photoshoot segment? Well, for the fashion photoshoot segement, they had the cast of "Notorious" (the name of the video) do a photoshoot in things they wore in the movie. I liked it. The movie is set to drop January 19 and I will be in there like swimwear,lol. Here's the teaser trailer

That's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed,lol. I'll try to blog within this week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Been A While

...yes,I know. I'm sorry. Trust me,I would blog faithfully but my poor Toshiba died on me ::pouts:: There's something wrong with the screen so I've been using my best bud's laptop. She's the best (love you Lauren!!).

I've been ridiculously busy with school. Class and the homework, it's just made me so busy. Now,I'm on the staff of this online magazine run by students here at Howard and I'm really excited about it! I really wanted to be a part of it and now I am! Yay me!!

I decided not to go on the trip to New York with the Howard University's Association of Black Journalists. It just costs too much money ($140 mm-mm,no ma'am!). Besides, the online magazine (aka 25 mag) is going to NY sometime in the future and it'll be waaaayyyy cheaper than $140. I just can't afford it. The funds of a college student are pretty bleak, lol. I'm trying to find a job, but I have a weird schedule. MWF, my classes end at 6PM and on TTh, my classes end at 5PM. The only job I can get is probably at a restaurant and I'll take what I can get.

Me and Kevie are fiiiine,lol. He got me mad Sunday evening and I was really not going to talk to him. I knew that if I didn't speak to him, I wouldn't feel right. We spoke and we got all the bad air out and now we're on good terms. I miss him mucho. I don't know when I'm going to see him, honestly. Maybe on Columbus Day weekend, if he comes to Howard or if I go to Brooklyn that weekend.

I'm going home (to Delaware) this weekend. WHOOOOO!!!!!! I'm so happy. I missed my family sooooo much, I missed the food too, lol. I'm definitely trying to get it in with that home cooking, lol. 

Alright then, I'm outtie 5000 (Audi 5000).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling Good

I wanted to write this blog while I have break in between my classes (I have 2 more to go for the day). I have a lot on my mind and I wanna get it out.

I'm feeling really good. I plan on doing very well this academic year. I have too much in stake to get lazy now. When I was a freshman, I was lost in sauce. Now that I am a "sophisticated" sophomore, lol , I am more determined and not (as) lazy as I was last year. I am aiming for A's &&. B's. C's are accepted, but that's not what I want, lol. Yesterday, I went to an interest meeting for the school's online magazine. I really want to be a part of that. Today, I saw a flyer for an interest meeting for the school's journalism club and they are having a trip to New York so the people that are interested can meet the big wigs in different journalism establishments. I'm thinking about going to that. Then I saw applications for the John H. Johnson's School of Communication's (School of C!!! ::puts up the C's::) annual job fair. The deadline was the 5th (last Friday), but I'm going to try and see if they are still admitting applicants. I NEED an internship next summer. Last summer, I had an interview with Maxin Digital but I didn't get it.

I am on my grind, HARD, lol. Like, I am not playing. I'm carving the path that I want for myself and I can't slack. Ain't no half stepping this time around, lol. You have to work hard for what you want and that's what I'm starting to do. I know that I also have to network and stop being such a hermit crab.

On a lighter note, I have a song of the week (Courtesy of , I'm in love with this song now!) I stumbled upon it yesterday reading her blog and this is my new jam, added to the list of many, lol. This is Common ft. Marsha Ambrosious & Bilal - "The Light 2008 (It's Love)"

The Light 2008 (Its Love) - Common

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just got in from all my classes and I am pretty pooped. I have 3 classes back to back to back; Tae Kwon Do from 1:00 - 2:00, College Algebra 1 from 2:10 to 3:30 and World Geography from 3:40 to 4:40. I have to go back to campus for this interest meeting for an online magazine. This would be a great opportunity because this somwhat lies along the lines of what I want to do pertaining to my future career.

It was raining today and when I got outside, I just wanted to turn right back and hop back in my bed, lol. I love rainy days when I have nothing to do. I could stay in and watch some TV (or a movie,in my case, since I am without a TV still). Speaking of which, I really would like my TV to come, I get bored and lonely in this room, lol. The only reason I want it so much is because I already have it, it's not like I'm waiting for it. It was there, in front of my face and tangible. Now, I have to wait for my granny to send it. Imma call her tonight because I can't take this. She was gonna get me a $400 plasma screen TV and now all she gotta do is like pay from $50-$100 to send my TV. Granny gotta speed up the pace, lol.

I miss my family. Since I haven't spoken to them in a while, I decided to give them a ring. First of all, they need a new phone because the phone they're working with isn't working for me, lol. Then I called my dad's cell phone and he didn't pick up. I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to try again tonight. I wanna come home (to Delaware) either this month or October. I have to come home at least once before Thanksgiving because if I don't, that's mad trife, lol.

Kevin is a weirdo, I just wanted to put that out there, lol. Nah, but he plans on coming out to Howard for Columbus Day weekend (in October). We're really looking forward to that. We can have some real alone time without having to worry about who's coming home or the fact that's it's getting late and I have to go home. We (yes, we, lol) can't wait.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Things I've Missed Over The Summer

So,I'm in my TV-less dorm room, and I decided to get on YouTube, watch some videos. I watched a few videos and have realized two things:

1) I LOVE being Jamaican (well, at least being from Jamaican descent)


2) I miss 2 of the things any Jamaican in the world (or at least in the tri-state area) shouldn't have: Usain Bolt crossing the finish line &&. the Jamaican float at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn

If there is one things Jamaicans don't miss when the olympics come on: it's the meter dash races. Everyone is glued to the TV, watching the person (or people) representing their country do their thing (I have experienced this and have memories,lol). I'm kind of sad I missed it because I really wanted to see it and I know I would have been mad hype,lol. That's history right there. Plus my boy did the "nuh linga" dance after he won with the Jamaican flag on his back. SO sick,lol

As for the Labor Day Parade (as people from NY call it), I had an OK time. There were previous times were I had more fun than I did this year. I played mas for the 2nd time with Sesame Flyers and it was cool. But I watched some YouTube videos of the HOT 97 (a local NY radio station) float and they had Machel Montano (the soca king), Elephant Man (Energy God), Aidonia, Serani and my baby daddy, Tonny Matterhorn. Mi luv 'im ("I love him" in patois) ,lol. I had to buss out the Jamaican accent real quick,lol. He was supposed to come to the parade maybe 2 years ago, but he got deported and couldn't perform in NY and he was here this year. Since I played mas, I couldn't get to see him... now that I think about it, I could have gotten to see him. My cousin wanted to go see her man ting (as Milly calls them,lol) and as we were walking, we passed the float. I am honestly contemplating on not playing mas this year because of that,lol. Plus, them costumes are a pretty penny (I payed $208).

Besides the things I missed (a tear for both, lol), I MISS KEVIE!!! His mom took him to Canada for a family wedding this weekend and he can't even get to call me because of the long distance/in another country charges. I feel so lonely. He txt me earlier in the day to let me know he was ok, but still. I really wish I could get to talk to him. I keep looking at my phone, waiting and hoping that it will light up and I see his number, but deep down, I know he can't call me. I know he's thinking about me though. UGH, this sucks...