Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Things I've Missed Over The Summer

So,I'm in my TV-less dorm room, and I decided to get on YouTube, watch some videos. I watched a few videos and have realized two things:

1) I LOVE being Jamaican (well, at least being from Jamaican descent)


2) I miss 2 of the things any Jamaican in the world (or at least in the tri-state area) shouldn't have: Usain Bolt crossing the finish line &&. the Jamaican float at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn

If there is one things Jamaicans don't miss when the olympics come on: it's the meter dash races. Everyone is glued to the TV, watching the person (or people) representing their country do their thing (I have experienced this and have memories,lol). I'm kind of sad I missed it because I really wanted to see it and I know I would have been mad hype,lol. That's history right there. Plus my boy did the "nuh linga" dance after he won with the Jamaican flag on his back. SO sick,lol

As for the Labor Day Parade (as people from NY call it), I had an OK time. There were previous times were I had more fun than I did this year. I played mas for the 2nd time with Sesame Flyers and it was cool. But I watched some YouTube videos of the HOT 97 (a local NY radio station) float and they had Machel Montano (the soca king), Elephant Man (Energy God), Aidonia, Serani and my baby daddy, Tonny Matterhorn. Mi luv 'im ("I love him" in patois) ,lol. I had to buss out the Jamaican accent real quick,lol. He was supposed to come to the parade maybe 2 years ago, but he got deported and couldn't perform in NY and he was here this year. Since I played mas, I couldn't get to see him... now that I think about it, I could have gotten to see him. My cousin wanted to go see her man ting (as Milly calls them,lol) and as we were walking, we passed the float. I am honestly contemplating on not playing mas this year because of that,lol. Plus, them costumes are a pretty penny (I payed $208).

Besides the things I missed (a tear for both, lol), I MISS KEVIE!!! His mom took him to Canada for a family wedding this weekend and he can't even get to call me because of the long distance/in another country charges. I feel so lonely. He txt me earlier in the day to let me know he was ok, but still. I really wish I could get to talk to him. I keep looking at my phone, waiting and hoping that it will light up and I see his number, but deep down, I know he can't call me. I know he's thinking about me though. UGH, this sucks...

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Pinky said...

lmao at the sporadic jamaican accent