Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meeting The Fam

Yesterday was kind of a long day. Kevin took me to Queens to meet his aunt and his big sister (who share the same father). I had a good time and wouldn't mind hanging out with his sister and her boyfriend again. I would like to come back to Kevin's aunt's house though because his cousins weren't there and I have to meet them.

I was taking forever to get ready because I didn't know what to wear, I didn't know how to do my hair, I just felt like everything was going downhill. I eventually found somthing to wear, slicked my hair back into a ponytail and finally came downstairs. It was starting to thunderstorm, so Kevin and I walked to his house to get an umbrella. I was REALLY hungry (I hadn't eaten since Friday and when I did, I only had 2 slices of pizza for the whole day). After we got the umbrella, we went to this Jamaican spot by his house and got some stewed chicken with baked macaroni & cheese. We hopped on the B41 to Atlantic Mall and bought our ticket for the LIRR. We were on the train, just cuddled up and kissing each other. It was so cute,lol. We got off at Queens Village and walked to his aunt's house. I met his aunt, his uncle, his other grandma, and his cousin in law. His other cousins weren't there and Kevin said that if they were there, I would have had a better time. Kevin was just catchin up with his aunt and cousin in law and I was bored because they were talking bout family and things of that sort, speaking in creole. I was DEF out the loop,lol. Around 10 PM, Kevin's big sister and her boyfriend came and picked us up. Now, from what Kevin was telling me, I thought that she was going to interrogate me and make me feel nervous, but I was actually comfortable. They took us out to eat at a diner. Whenever I'm around people I don't know, I usually am quiet and soft-spoken. I guess I was a bit quiet because she asked me my family were church going and I was like, "No, I'm just quiet when I'm around people I don't know." She was like, "Oh no girl, you better get used to us if you gonna be around for a while." Lol, that was funny. After a lil late night meal we went to see "The Incredible Hulk"
The movie was cool for what it was. I won't say it was wack, but it was aight. I'm not gonna sit here and say, "OMG, this was the best movie I've ever seen in my life", lol, but it was cool. if you're into the whole super hero, comic book thing, then this movie is for you. After the movies, they took me home. It was a cool day. His sister was real cool, she's a funny one. her boyfriend was real laid back and chill, not for the drama or confrontation, like myself,lol.

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