Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Missed My Girls

Today was a nice day. It wasn't too hot, there was a nice, cool breeze flowing and I got to hang out with my girlies for a bit.

My good friend Egypt lives with her boyfriend and we (Jarena, Naeemah, Whitney & I) came to hang out at her house. This is the first time I've gone to her house (in general). She just recently moved into that apartment and the apartment she moved out of, I never came to visit her in. It's a nice, cozy 1 bedroom and I defintely got a homey feeling from being there. We chilled there, cracking jokes and conversing. After that, someone brought up the tape that we made. Lol, now it all started where Egypt, Naeemah, Whitney and I had to make a tape for a project. After that, we taped each other doing stupid stuff like :

-Doing a talk show
-Play fighting
-Having a fashion show

just to name a few,lol. It was so crazy because we looked younger, thinner, lol, all that. I was kinda skinny and looked really goofy (well,to me). At that time, I definitely was self-consisous and my self-esteem was low. I have grown into my looks and am a lot more comfortable with myself. Following the "home movies", we went to Egypt's room and looked at pictures of ourselves and were just reminicing. We said we should take more pics, make more home movies, and have a girls night in. We discussed about the girls night in and hopefully it goes down on Sunday, like we said. That would be really cool. We haven't had a sleepover 2 years,lol. The last one was at Jarena's house, well, all of them have been at her house,lol. This is the oldest pic I have of all of us together.

This was in 11th Grade

This was May 16,2008 for my birthday

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