Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pepper's Lounge (06.01.08)

I'm doing laundry today and I have time to spare, so I'll blog about what I was supposed to the other day

A friend of Adrianna's knew of a party at Pepper's Lounge (Manhattan)and she put me and Whitney(my best friend) on the VIP list. Ray (Kevin's best friend) put Kevin's name on the list as well. The thing about the party was that if you're name is on the VIP list, you get in for free before 12:30. So we're all like,yeah, "we in there", "we getting in free", "We're gonna shake our ass", all that good stuff, lol. Sunday comes and I had nothing to wear. I went to KP (Kings Plaza mall) and went to Forever 21 and found this cute black shirt. I was gonna wear it with my favorite skinny jeans from Old navy and some black heels my cousin gave me. Now, for everyone who doesn't know Danielle, I am a T-Shirt & sneakers type of girl, always have and always will be. Shoes & heels are something I don't do, but I am slowly getting into it. I get home and get ready to go and we were already late. So I hurry and get dressed. Adrianna wanted me & Whitney to meet up with her so we can all go together so she asks me to get into a cab to get to her house. I left my house at 10:00 PM and was tryna catch a cab. No cabs were going where I had to go and I'm in heels, so I'm gettin pissed. So I'm calling cabs and I'm getting nothing. So I go out on the street to catch a cab and MAD cabs passed me, getting me very upset. I FINALLY get into one and I don't get into Bed-Stuy until a quarter to 11. Adrianna got this dollar van to drive us to the club. I was very pissed in the car, but I eventually got over it. We get to the club and the line was around the corner. Kevin, Ray and their other friends were already there by 10 PM. We get online around 11:15 and were just waiting. To pass the time, we were talking, acting a fool, just being silly. There was a boy and girl line and at the time, our line seemed longer than the boy's line. Eventually, we surpassed the boy's line and got into the club at 12:45, after the "free" VIP. Me, Adrianna & Whitney get into the club, just chillin. Then like 30 minutes later, the boys get in and we're all on the second level. It was fun. I was in my heels ALLLLL night until I got home, which is a big accomplishment,lol

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