Monday, May 26, 2008

You're So Last Year (Last 5 Years Ago)

2 songs on heavy rotation: "Customer" by Raheem DeVaughn &&. "Let's Just Be" by NeYo. "Customer" IS MY JOINT!!! lmao,I LOVE that song. NeYo def. went in with "Let's Just Be." The song is just so chill and layed back,I love that song too.

Ok fellow readers,this is another blog about a boy that has nothing to do with Kevie Poo. This is about Mr. Andre, my first (puppy) love. I started talking to this boy in November of 2003. I know I was a freshman in high school and was SO ecstatic that someone was into me (I had self esteem issues). We talked and we caught feelings for each other. I really liked him, he really liked me. We went out for like, 2 weeks, but we were talking for about a year. When he broke up with me, I was so upset. Crying and everything at my place of employment at the time. I got over it quick, lol, but we continued to talk throughout the years. I saw him last summer and I went over to his house. We watched "23" (that movie with Jim Carrey) and were just chillin and stuff. We messed around a bit, but I was a virgin at the time (Sidebar: Like I said, I was a virgin at the time and I wanted to lose it before I got to college. I was afraid that if I went to Howard, dudes would try to take my virginity, as if it was a trophy. So I mentioned it to Andre and he was DEF with that idea. But I knew that if I lost my virginity to him, I would regret it). I slept over his house and went home the next morning. I kept in touch with him a bit over the summer, but that was it. I messaged him on MySpace to wish him a happy birthday and he messaged me back, giving me his number. I am a very caring person, so I still care for the boy, you know? He asked me to call him but he had to wait because I was out with my pookie (We went to Coldstones,then went to Court St. movie theater to see "Iron Man". It was good, surprisingly, go see it!). So I called him when I got in the house (after being on the phone with Adrianna and Kevie). We talk a bit and he ALWAYS brings up old shit, shit that happened when we were talking. Like ,dude, get over it,t he shit happened so long ago. This is his "list" of things I was and things I did:

Andre (2:42:14 AM): 1 u ma 1st
Andre (2:42:37 AM): boo
Andre (2:42:41 AM): sweetheart
Andre (2:42:43 AM): luv
Andre (2:42:45 AM): like
Andre (2:42:51 AM): real kiss
Andre (2:43:00 AM): girl to stand me up
Andre (2:43:18 AM): to make me wait outside n not come out
Andre (2:43:32 AM): to hurt me
Andre (2:44:12 AM): to make me travel 1 hr and a half on the bus
Andre (2:44:23 AM): to make me even take a bus
Andre (2:44:32 AM): to make me go to kp
Andre (2:44:54 AM): to turn me on so intensely
Andre (2:45:06 AM): to introduce me to they mom
Andre (2:45:14 AM): to lie to they mom about me
Andre (2:45:26 AM): to let they mom drop me somewhere
Andre (2:46:39 AM): u da first girl to b ma 2nd
Andre (2:47:10 AM): to cheat on me
Andre (2:47:27 AM): to play wit my feelins
Andre (2:47:35 AM): and emotions
Andre(2:48:07 AM): to stress me out
Andre (2:48:11 AM): make me cry
Andre (2:48:18 AM): make me depressed
Andre (2:48:31 AM): to tell me i aint all dat
Andre (2:48:52 AM): to not laugh at all ma jokes

FIRST of all, I want to know how did I hurt him (He didn't want to be specific). Second of all, I never cheated on him. While we spoke for that year, I didn't talk to any other dude, so I don't know what bullshit he's talkin about. Third of all, I want to know when I made him cry because countless tears dropped from these pretty eyes because of his Jamaican ass. That "b ma 2nd" shit, I have no clue what he's talking about. And he isn't all that,honestly, lol, but I liked him, so hey.

I'm going to see him tomorrow, nothing major. I have NO feelings for him whatsoever,so there won't be any feelings "resurfacing." If anything, Kevin will be on my mind the whole time. Speaking of Kevin, when we were at the movies, he told me that he doesn't want to leave me and he has no reason to.

I am SO in love with Kevin, it's like I'm in another world. We feel the same way about each other and are usually on the same page, something that I've been looking for in a partner. I couldn't stand to lose him, under whatever circumstance. Currently listening to "Dontchange" by Musiq Soulchild. This is the song we're dancing to at our wedding,lol. Yes, we will be gettin married, no "ifs, ands or buts" about it.

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