Thursday, May 15, 2008

Start From My Birthday

Since I've been to Brooklyn (On the 13th), I've been SUPER busy. I am also SUPER tired and am just going to blog about my birthday really quickly and briefly. Then I'll blog about the 13th and 14th later today.

So Kevin had pissed me off a 1/2 hour before my official day started so I'm on the phone with him pissed off. I get 2 texts, a voicemail and Lauren calls me while I'm on the phone. I just let it ring out and then right after, Whitney called me. I let it rock and she called me right back. I clicked over and she sung me happy birthday and that made me really happy. I connected the call with Kevin and after she got off, he was like, "Yeah, I was gonna wait til we got off the phone but happy birthday babe." So me and him get off the phone and I go to sleep. I woke up early to go to the doctor to get some birth control and I came home and took a nap. Kevin called me to check up on me and I was cool, we were talking. I was just chillin, lamping at home and Kevin called me again and we spoke for a minute.

My birthday was cool, people called me and text'd me, I got MAD love on the FaceBook and that made me feel real important and loved, Kevin shouted me out in his statuses on FaceBook &&. MySpace, Adrianna shouted me out in her status, my mom made me a cake and cooked Turkey Ham, Baked Mac &&. Cheese, Brussel Sprouts (my fav.) and Roasted Corn. That was sooooooo good,lol

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