Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dudes...I Have NO Words

Hey! I will try my very best to make this a daily thing,which will be a bit hard,but I think I can do it. As I continue to blog, I'll add on to it, with a new banner, a music thingy,all that good stuff,lol.

I guess I'll talk about my life,well briefly.Well,I'm in Delaware right now. And you might be wondering,why are you in Delaware? WELL,lol, in September of 2006, my family moved to Delaware from Brooklyn and allowed me to stay in BK with my aunt to complete my last year of high school. I graduated and have been back and forth from Brooklyn to Delaware. I just came home from college and am in Delaware with the family. I will be back home on Tuesday May 13th, the day after my birthday.

So the male species are very confusing to me,lol. I'm chillin on AIM, waiting for someone worth having a conversation with and this boy that I kinda used to talk to like a year ago IM's me. Now, I knew this boy (Benchy) through my ex. My ex broke up with me and his friend tried to consol me, tryna get at me. I wasn't really into him, but he was a nice guy, so I wanted to be nice to him. ANYWAY,he IM's me,asks me how I'm doing and whatnot. So I'm being nice to him, conversing with the boy and he starts talking some shit:

Benchy (7:27:49 PM): When u coming to bk?
Me (7:29:13 PM): on tuesday
Benchy (7:29:25 PM): Werd
Benchy (7:29:32 PM): I'ma c u?
Me (7:29:51 PM): sure
Me (7:29:57 PM): what we gonna do?
Benchy (7:30:37 PM): Chill and go to the movies
Benchy (7:30:42 PM): Don't front
Me (7:31:27 PM): what u mean,don't front?
Benchy (7:31:55 PM): Last time u came to bk u said we wass gonna chill
Benchy (7:32:05 PM): n u said u had to leave
Me (7:32:42 PM): I mean,imma be in BK for the summer
Benchy (7:35:31 PM): Oo aight
Me (7:37:51 PM): yup
Benchy (7:38:28 PM): so ill be waitin for ur arrival
Me (7:42:12 PM): lol,funny
Benchy (7:43:00 PM): Yup
Me (7:45:01 PM): you don't have to wait
Benchy (7:45:58 PM): That's mean I aint gonna see u
Me (7:46:50 PM): lol,I didn't mean it like that
Benchy (7:47:39 PM): (made a sad smiley)
Benchy (7:47:47 PM): It alright wit me
Me (7:48:20 PM): lol,oh boy,I didn't mean it like that
Benchy (7:48:34 PM): Yeah I kno
Me (7:49:55 PM): lol,ok
Benchy (7:50:27 PM): I understand u came 2 see ur bf
Benchy (7:50:35 PM): And not me
Me (7:51:02 PM): I mean,he is my boyfriend,lol. Plus,I have pplz here

First if all,he has the NERVE to say "I understand you came to see your boyfriend and not me", when you're telling me how you and your girl are going on a damn vacation. And that's why I have no words for dudes,because they are just too damn much,lol.

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