Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

Even though it's almost over, I'm wishing all the mommies and mommy's to be a Happy Mother's Day! Tryna get a blog in before I fall asleep on my couch,waiting for my boyfriend to call. And he said he'll call me early,smh.

So how did I celebrate it? I cleaned my mom's bathroom and I cooked dinner. Some tilapia fish, mixed vegetables and pasta with pesto sauce. It was pretty damn good,if I say so myself,lol. I got my mom a Maxiglide Hair Straightener, something she's been wanting for a while. It was a really cool, chill day.

I dunno,everytime it gets close for me to come to NY, I get a feeling. Like, I feel a bit bad for leaving my family to go to NY and live my life and have fun. My mom is understanding, very. So it's only a feeling I feel,it's not as if she makes me feel this way.

I'm about to hit the hay and I REALLY hope that when it turns 12:00 AM, that I don't get a flood of texts and calls,since it's my birthday tomorrow. Matter fact,I'm puttin my phone on silent because I have to wake up super early in the morning to go to the doctor. I think I'm going to wake up earlier than I usually do to make myself a good,hearty breakfast.

I'll def[intely] blog tomorrow,since it's my birthday! Still waiting for my boyfriend to call me....

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