Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back To Blogging

I haven't done a blog in about....2 years. What made me go back to it? I really don't know actually,but I feel that I should have an outlet where I can express myself and no one that I know can really know about it. So this is for my personal use and other strangers who would be interested in my boring life,lol.

So,I just completed my first year of college (at Howard University, in Washington D.C.) and I had a lot of memories.I miss my girlies already

But that's not the reason why I decided to start another blog,nor was it the reason I am up writing this. The reason: Kevin (my boyfriend)

I love this kid,to death. I would do ANYTHING for him. We've been together for almost a pregnancy (9 months come the 27th of this month) and I love him mind, body &&. soul. But he does things to annoy me. I know he can't help it and neither can I. Like today for instance, we're chatting on AIM and he asks me if I miss him (we're in a somewhat long-distance relationship) and I'm joking with him,saying that I don't. He tells me he feels sad because of what I'm saying and I give in and tell him that I miss him and I can't stand to even be a minute away from him. I knew he was at his best friend's house, hanging out; so he says "Aight babe, food is here and I'm bout to eat, I'll talk to you later." That made me feel like he was brushing me off. I tell him, "And now you're dropping me. I don't miss you anymore." Like, I'm telling you that I'll miss you the first minute we part and you tell me you're going to go eat. You couldn't at least have acknowledged what I said before you stuff your face? I may be over reacting, which I tend to do at times, but I am trying not to let little situations get to me. He calls me and we're not saying much; well,I'm not saying much. He's trying to have a conversation with me, but it was one of those times where it just wasn't going to work out tonight. He knows something is wrong with me, but since I deny it so much, he lets it go. So I let him know that there is no point for us to be on the phone if we're just going to listen to each other breathe on the phone and we end the convo. I have a feeling he knew something was wrong and just wanted to give me some space. Maybe I'm acting like this because I'm coming home (to Brooklyn,NY) really soon and thing are just annoying me. I don't know,but I do know that I miss my pookie and I NEED to see him,lol. I haven't seen him in almost 2 months and we're used to being with each other at least 3 days/a weekend a month.

I love this dude, I do. Regardless of the things that he may do to get to me and despite the things I do to rack his brain, we're in this together and no trivial thing will break us.

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