Friday, February 6, 2009


That's all I can name this entry right now, lol.

So I'm on the phone with Mr.Kevin and he's telling me how he had a message to pass to me. I ask him who is it from because I was truly curious. And he tell me it's from Ashley [Sidebar: To get background info, see ]. So I'm like,what does she have to say because I said enough to her when we spoke. All I remember is that she was talking some shit about Kevin is her only real friend and how other people be shitting on her, MAD fuckin bullshit. Bascially the message she had to send to me was that her intention isn't to take Kevin from me and that even though she knows me and her aren't going to be friends, that she just wants no beef between me and her.

I'm not sure if I should be upset about this or let this shit go, but I know how I feel right now and I'm type aggie (agravated), I won't lie.

I never fuckin liked you and I never will. I don't give a fuck if Kevin is your only "real" friend. He doesn't even fuck with you. Tell me why this bitch pressed Kevin's friend at their school, talking about how do you know Kevin and all this shit because she saw his friend write mad shit on his MySpace? Like,who the fuck are you? Seriously. Gonna tell my man that you like him, KNOWING that he has a girl, bitch, get the fuck outta here. Talking about you just wanted to tell him.

See, I, you know what? If I do that, niggas feelings would get hurt.

::sighs:: This weekend I hope invovles some weed or alcohol because I'm ready to just let loose.

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