Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have You Ever...

felt like you're living a life that isn't yours?

I don't know, lol. I just feel like I'm living someone elses life sometimes. I am honestly thankful that I am where I am at the point in my life. I can't really complain.

Today was such a beautiful day. I started thinking about when school's over and how consistant the nice weather will be. You can do so much in nice weather, lol. I can't wait to be back home.

I'm going home this weekend and I can't wait! My baby sister is turning 10 on Valentine's Day. It's crazy, I remember when she was like 1,2 years old and I would measure her in our doorway. I remember when she broke her arm falling off the bunk bed and I was worried out my ass. Even though she brings out the child in me (in terms of arguing), I love her to death. My baby is growing up. Before I know it, she'll be in high school. I'm not ready for that, lol.

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