Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Music #2

I was in my friend's room today (shout out to Lauren!) and she's always tryna stump me and ask me questions about singers and actors/actresses like, who was in this video, who was in this show, that type of stuff. So she asked me "Oh, did you know Lloyd was in that Sammie video?" So I said, "Oh, in 'I Like It' right?" and she was like,"UGH, I you know everything!" Then we started singing the song,lol. I was thinking about the song and it just reminds me of 5th grade. I just graduated from elementary school and my parent's took me to this seafood restaurant. They had TVs that played the latest video's and Sammie's song was playing while we were waiting for a table. I also remember my homegirl had the Sammie CD and she let me borrow it for like 2 weeks. While I had it, I played it every single day on my CD boombox,lol.

"I Like It" by Sammie

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Tashur Raquel said...

awwwwww he was soooo young
I love this song. lol