Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Update

I'm going to try to keep this short because I really don't have that much to say,lol

-School's going fairly well. I still have to buy books ::looks sideways:: lol. I know that I need to stop procrastinating and stop being lazy and I will be an outstanding student.
-My mommy called me yesterday and we spoke for a good minute. I miss my mommy ::pouts:: lol. But I'll see her next weekend.
-Next weekend is Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend. I'll be going home [Delaware] from Friday to Sunday. Valentine's Day is my little sister's birthday and she's turning 10. She's getting so big,it's crazy. Then I'm leaving on Sunday to go to my other home [Brooklyn] to go spend some time with the hubby. He bought my Christmas gift (yeah,I know it's late), as well as something for Valentine's Day and I'm anxious to see what it is. He's WAAAYYY more hype than I am, lol. I miss him too so I'm glad I'll get to see my family in that jam packed weekend.
-I NEED A JOB NOW!!!!!! I'm goign to get up early on saturday and go to different places in the area. I'll take anything, even McDonald's. Money is money, whether I'm cooking up fries or folding up shirts, ya diig?

Is that all? I think so, lol. I'm about to change the song in the side. I was feeling real Jamaican last saturday,lol.

OH, so Meridian's cable is fucked up and I'm throughly pissed. It has been off since saturday evening. I missed Bad Girls Club and I was going to catch up tonight! UUGHHHH, oh my goodness, this shit is ridiculous, I swear.

Ok, that's it, lol.

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