Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day...

lol, I've never had a good one and I'm not against it. This V-Day was spent with the fam because it is also my baby sister's birthday. She just turned 10 years old yesterday and she is just growing right before my eyes. I took her out to eat at Red Lobster today for lunch. She had a good time and the food was good, lol.

I was supposed to go to NY today to be with Kevin but the plans flopped on us. He was supposed to have a free crib and instead had a full house, including his neice and nephew sleeping over for the weekend. He was really upset about it and he told me that he wanted me to be happy instead of being miserable with him, since we weren't able to be everything we wanted. Honestly, I still would have went because I hate to see him upset and I know that I can make him feel better ::cheese smile::

BUT, he's supposed to be coming to D.C. for a weekend and I'm REALLY excited about it. He has been "trying" to make his way to my side of town for like a year now and it just hasn't happened. If there was anything I've ever wanted out of him, it's for him to come to D.C. and spend some time with me. He's going to get a hotel and everything and we can really get some alone time. I really hope this goes through, but to be real, until he tells me he booked his hotel room and bought his bus ticket, I'm not going to get myself too excited. I am going to keep positive about it though. Lowkey, I think the plan will come through, lol.

So, for this whole month, I won't be able to see Kevin. My spring break is next month and I'm spending half of it with my family and the other half with my baby. He should be coming the week after my spring break so I get to see him twice next month.

This long distance relationship thing is hard, but situations like these make us and the relationship stronger. In the end, it's all worth it.

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Pinky said...

helloooo dolly! lol. okay here are my comments.
1. did u save me any cheddar biscuits...
2. i hope that nigga gets it together and comes to DC. its just NOT that difficult.
3. miss ya!