Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Music #3

Friday I was walking down the street and I already had Foxy Brown on my Zune. So I turned it on as I headed out the building and "Oh Yeah" came on. It made me smile a bit because it took me back to junior high, Ditmas I.S.62 to be exact (anyone from Brooklyn knows the reputation of that school, lol). I was a "dance" major and we had free time so someone popped in a Hot 97 bootleg CD (Yall know they came out with a CD like every week/bi monthly, lol). Foxy Brown's "Oh Yeah" came on and we started jamming. I remeber the girls always wanted me to do the dance homie did from 3:32-3:34, lol. I definitely Foxy was coming back because she was puttin out some good joints back then, but shit happens. The song also reminded me of when I would watch BCAT (a Brooklyn Cable Access channel) and they would play the new videos on Friday nights. ::sighs:: the good ol' days, lol. Peep the cameos from Spragga Benz (Foxy's old beau) and Baby Cham

"Oh Yeah" by Foxy Brown

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Pinky said...

oh wow, that dance was pretty funny, you'll have to do that for me.