Monday, December 22, 2008

Bored...And Worried

I've been in Delaware for a good week and a half now and it has reminded me of my childhood; how I would FIEND to go out and not be around my family any longer,lol [Sidebar: If I haven't mentioned before, my family lives in Delaware now, they've been living there for 2 years now. They moved there from Brooklyn my senior year of High School]. I love my family to death, trust me when I tell you, but at the same time, some of the things that they do and say is kinda bothering me. But hey, it's family so I gotta roll with the punches. I've just been sleeping, hanging out with the fam, playing with the kiddies and doing some household chores around the house. After Christmas, I will be going to NY to spend the rest of my winter break and I'm starting to get more excited as the day gets closer.

I know that when I come home (Brooklyn), time is going to fly past me and I'll be back at school, something I'm a little scared of facing. I haven't been able to register for spring semester classes and I don't know what's going to happen when I get to school. I owe money for fall semester and I will also owe another balance for spring semester. I've been trying to call the school so I can talk to someone and see if I can set up some sort of payment plan so my hold can be cleared. ::sighs:: I know people have been telling me not to think about it and to enjoy my break, but I just really can't help it. I know that I can only handle the situation when it's being presented to me and at this moment, it isn't.

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diplomatikk said...

family sucks.
but you gotta love 'em! it's weirdd.