Friday, December 19, 2008

"...Yall Know My Name,Charles Hamilton..."

Ok, I admit it, I have a tiny little crush on the new kid on the block (when it comes to Hip-Hop). I don't know what it is about him, maybe his arrogance, his intellect, his word play, or maybe it could be where he's trying to take Hip-Hop. ::shrugs:: I dunno,but I do know that this kid has talent, there's no denying that. He was one of XXL's Top 10 Freshmen and was on the cover with his other counterparts for the December 2008 issue.

The first song I heard from him was, of course, "Brooklyn Girl". I mean, I am a Brooklyn girl and I guess I would be a little crazy not to fall in love with it, but that's not the only reason why I like this song...maybe it is,lol. I don't know, but I love this song. I just found out that he sampled "Shorty Swing My Way" by KP and Envi for this joint, so that's cool. It was driving me crazy who was on the hook, lol. I just saw the video the other day and was hype because he filmed it in the downtown area of Brooklyn. Also, the scene where he's by the library and the church with that bright ass red door is by my old high school so that's definitely wassup.

Homeboy performed at my Homecoming too for this thing we have called YardFest. When he came out, I was like, "Who is this dude?" until I heard the DJ drop the track. I'm like, "I've heard this song before." So he comes out and raps and I'm like, "I know this song!" lol. He only performed "Brooklyn Girl" and I was feeling the groove, had my hand up and all (y'all know what I'm talking about) and he definitely peeped me on that,lol.

I hope I'm not coming off as a groupie because that's not me at all. I just have a crush on Charles Hamilton and I wanted to express that. UGH, I'm such a loser, lol.

Before I end this entry, check this video I saw last month. Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton and Mickey Factz freestyling on Sirius Radio. Enjoy!


Super Woman said...

your not alone!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

thats not freestyle thats writtens and he cant even stay with the beat..