Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Vlog

Personally,I think I look crazy,lol, but that's just me. I sound SO Brooklyn, omg. I can't deny it anymore Lauren! I would REALLY appreciate some comments on this video, then I can solidify my decision in making more videos.


Miss [ ^_- ] Bumi said...

i like it...

i wanna start a vlog my damnself...i plan of starting one this summer.

& i agree you are very brooklyn head movements and all!

i love it! brooklyn girls unite.

& i agree with that drake comment...OMG i doooo! i black about that 24/7

Dani B. said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it. OMG, I try to hide my Brooklyn ways but it doesn't work,lol. You should def do a vlog, it's pretty fun