Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Been A While

It really has, lol.

I just had nothing to write about since the last entry.

Well, April is here and classes are almost over (yay!!). My last day of classes are on the 23rd. I'm not sure when finals are, but I know I'll be in Delaware for like 2 weeks, then I'm going to NY for the rest of my summer. Next week is the Howard/Hampton Cabaret, an event that Howard, Hampton and other VA college students look forward to. Unfortunately, I won't be there to partake in the festivities. My aunt is having her 50th birthday party and my family is coming from Del to go to NY. The party depends on my aunt's surgery (she has breast cancer) and even if she doesn't have the party, my mom might come to NY regardless. My mom has NEVER shown interest in coming back to NY since she left, lol. I hope comes though, I miss my mommy.

As of lately (middle of march), I don't call any of my friends from back home. I don't call majority of my friends anyway, but the usual suspects that I do talk to, I just STOPPED calling them. I don't know, it makes things easier. I'm not worrying about people's feelings because I didn't call them and stuff. Even Whitney, who I speak to the most, I haven't spoken to since like March. I don't know, it's so easy to not pick up the phone and call people. I'm so wrapped up in my own world that I just don't take the effort to see how other people are doing. Is it wrong that I don't have a problem with that?

Spring is here, the weather is getting warmer and what better time to change my wardrobe than now? I'm trying to incorporate more colors and more of a variety. I always stick to my usual staples: t-shirt, jeans and kicks but one can only get so tired of the same routine. I want to go outside my comfort zone, sport some dresses and more shorts, tank tops and things of that sort. Wish me luck on this because lord knows I tend to stay in my lil box when it comes to clothes, lol.

For the month of April, I'm not eating fast food. It's the 7th and I've been doing well so far. I'm hoping to keep this going. If I have the urge, I'm trying to eat Subway in substitute for like McDonalds or Burger King. Wish me luck! lol

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Pinky said...

oh danielle.
1. Do not feel bad about not calling your friends. You need to focus on what is most important... your friend's boy-problems aren't going to help you graduate in 4 years :) lol