Sunday, April 26, 2009



I only miss Delaware because that's where the fam is at and I miss my family MUCHO. Plus, it's quiet and SUPER 'lax whenever I go home.

These are the things I've missed:

-My Mommy, Daddy, and siblings
-Home cooked food
-Unlimited snacks
-Real cable
-My Dad on the grill
-My Mom and Dad cutting on each other
-Coldstones ice cream
-Having something to do every day/every other day/every weekend
-Jerk chicken
-My granny's cooking
-Being able to walk/take the bus or train everywhere
-Flatbush in the summer
-Backyard/basement bashments
-Reggae & Soca music being blasted out of every car
-Jamba Juice
-The promenade
-All the food spots I love in BK
-Just chillin or hanging out with my favorite ppl

And last but not lease......

-I miss my Kevie

lol,I hope I didn't forget anything, but that's pretty much it. I had to let it out. School's pretty much fin pour moi (finished for me en francais) so I'm just itching to go home.

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