Monday, April 27, 2009

I Am TOO Through

I'm done with Meridian (My dorm). I gotta get the FUCK outta here.

I swear, people have no manners nor any consideration. Ok, it's 2 PM, so what? Why, WHYYYY must you blast your music as if your room is a car and the hallway is outside? Like, what the fuck, seriously. I asked my dad to come get me on Monday but sheit, I might have to call him back and ask him to get me on Friday, fuck the bullshit. I'm just thoroughly pissed with these bitches that live on this floor.

Yeah.....I'm about to ask whoever it is to turn this shit down, dead ass.

Being here makes me sick, UGH


RieAntoinette said...

Yo! I feel you so much on this post! Darn them lol All hours of the day and night they blast their music, like I wanna hear what they are playing...smh

Dani B. said...

Seriously,lol. Then the walls are super thin,so it's like, you gotta be kidding me! lol

Adrianna Thomas said...

If it was me I would most def. have went over there when she turned on the music like eh my gyal you haffi turn dat shit down pronto. and if she got buck I would have made an anonymous phone call to public safety that she has a male visitor in her room or that she was selling narcotics or sum shit.. Problem solved