Friday, November 14, 2008


I have it in me, I just don't have the funds,lol. There are some things I've had my eye on

There are these moccasins from Steve Madden that I think are really cute. They are called "Climate". (

I like them in grey as well. I saw them in person at the Steve Madden store in Kings Plaza for $49.99!! lol, they were on sale from $69.99, but Kevin was with me and helped me out the store before I got to swipping,lol

Another Steve Madden shoe. Last year, I wanted a pair of riding boots (I still do) but I like these more. These are called "Gimbal" (

I like them in this color, as well as black. These are $139.99 on

I have this thing for plaid shirts now. I love the look and the simplicity of them. You can dress it up and dress it down. Here are some I like the most

Elisa Plaid Shirt from dELiAs for $34.50. The purple one looks good too

BDG Flannel Boyfriend Buttondown from UrbanOutfitters for $48.00

You know I can't go without a pair of kicks,lol. I have a fetish. When I see a HOT ass pair of kicks, I get so excited, my heart starts beating fast, no lie, lol

Nike Air Max 97 in black/cool grey/white for $92.99 in kids. They're real clean and sleek. I'm bout to get my pair soon. Kev and I saw them at the mall last sunday. Both of us were hype, lol. ::singsong:: But I'm getting mine before hiiiimmm, lol

Some things I have my eye on. Most likely, I will get all of these items (let's hope, lol)

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Pinky said...

you have some seeeerious problems. lol. i like everything except for those sneakers... i just dont like air maxes. but i love those steve madden boots!