Saturday, November 1, 2008

Damn Man...

I won't say disregard the last entry, but there were some things I left out and need to add in.

So, I've been talking to this guy from Harlem for about 2 weeks. He graduated from Hampton University last year, he's an aviation technition, 23 years old, he lives in Virginia. I met him at my homecoming. I like him and he likes me, but I started liking him to the point where I wanted to see how it would be to be in a relationship with him. I knew feeling that way wasn't right so I had to tell Kevin. I didn't tell him ASAP because I thought I could handle it; I didn't know that feelings would escalate or be mutual. Thursday night, I was just thinking if I want to be exclusive to Kevin or be with him and we can be able to see other people. I also realized that Harlem World couldn't give me what Kevin does.

I decided to tell kevin what was going on. We're honest in this relationship and I felt that he should know. Also, if I tell him, it would make it A LOT easier for me to eliminate this dude. Kevin was very pissed when I told him. Not even pissed, mad was the word. At times, there would be 10 minute silences between us.

I hope he takes into consideration that I was honest with him, that I know what I want and that I'm sorry. I love him so much and I hope that I didn't hurt him. If I did, things between us would be really tense. I was going to call himr back but I figured he needed space. He said he'll "holla at me later" but who knows?

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Eb the Celeb said...

you were right for being honest.. dont ever doubt that...

now comes the hard part... if both want to make your their girl.. who would you pick