Thursday, January 8, 2009

Up &&. Down


I woke up at 7 AM (I am NOT a morning person) to go to the Administration Building to clarify some things with my student account. I get everything situated and after that, I went to the School of C (Communications) and was there for a minute but I still did get seen. I saw my academic advisor and found out that I am on academic probation. What, Danielle, on academic probation? Yes, it's true. I failed 2 classes in the fall semester, something I am not proud of, but it happens. I'm not discouraged about it at all, this is just giving me the motivation to do A LOT better. I went to my 2 classes today and I'm running into this thing head on with positivity ::cheese smile::


Last night, my boyfriend found out that his cousin was murdered. She was beaten and burned to death, her body was found on the top of the roof of her bulding. The main suspect is her baby father who was taken into custody. She has a 1 year old son with this dude who is now with his aunts. Kevin, his brother and sister went to Queens to be with the family. Kevin's brother went to the hospital with his cousins to identify the body through dental records and they found out that it was her body. Kevin just told me that this dude is being released from custody because there's not enough evidence to link him to the murder, plus he's threatning his family's lives. I feel so bad and helpless because there's nothing I can do for him and as his girl, I just want to do anything in my power to be there for him and help him get through this. At times, life really doesn't seem fair, but I believe that God has a plan and reason for everything. This situation is just really sad and I'll continue to pray for him and his family to get through this.


Pinky said...

i'm so sorry that happened to kevie's family. they'll be in my prayers!

Jervis said...

woooow,this is ridiculous. like what motivates people to do such a thing. im sooooo soooo sorry for him. and I know its gonna be difficult to try to calm him down,he much me in a world of hurt. im sorry.

in response to my blog. im here to be you relationship consultant.juss hit me up

Ms. Naomie said...

wow! def. something i wouldn't want to read my first time here, but i sorry to hear that about your bf's fam. stay strong for him