Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back On Track

It's been a minute since I've blogged, I know. Since school has started, I've been busy with classes and schoolwork and it has mad me tired, lol. But everything is going good and I have a feeling that it'll get better. My schedule starts in the afternoon; 1PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 3:40PM on Tuesday, Thursday. That works perfectly for me because I'm not a morning person.

The inuaguration for President-Elect Barack Obama is on the 20th and I won't be in D.C. for the celebration. D.C. is gonna be so live and so busy and so packed. I'm not sure I want to be around for that. The mall is going to be remnicent of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech. This is definitely history in the making. I'm not exactly sure what an Inauguration entails, but I'm sure it will be exciting, and expensive for most.

I'm going home for the break. My main reason to go is because of what happened in the last post. The funeral is next Friday and I may not be there for him during the funeral, but I want to be there for him while everything is happening. The latest news about the murder is that the baby father is still in custody but there's nothing that links him to the murder. She had a tattoo on her arm and the alleged reason why he dismembered her was because he didn't want her body to be identified. Also, the baby ,who's one year old, was present during the murder. If the baby father gets released, the baby will go back to the father but Manuella's (the name of the young woman who was murdered) sister is trying to get custody of him. I hope and PRAY that that baby does not go back to that man. This is just so sad, it really is and I hope God's plan pulls through. He may not come when you want him, but he's always on time.

The Biggie movie comes out this weekend and I'm a bit hype. I swear, if this movie is trash, I'm flipping the movie theater and whoever wrote the script is getting a heated letter from me, lol. I'm keeping positive about the movie though because Biggie is that dude. I know this is kinda lame, but I have a T-shirt in black and it has Biggie's face on it in purple and "Brooklyn" (like on a Vinnie Style's T) in pink and I'm going to wear it when I see the movie, lol. I know for sure that I will NOT be going to see the movie in the evening because there will be mad rowdy, ignorant people, singing the songs, talking back to the damn screen and I will be pissed because I'm trying to watch the movie. I had to shush this young strag in the Court St. movie theater when I went to see "Seven Pounds" because she was being indignant.

I can't wait to come home, mainly for the food, lol. I will be getting some oxtail from this spot across the street from my house called 3D's, some pizza from this spot by Kev called Family Pizza and Johnny Rockets. Kev and I went there when I was ome over the break and he ordered a Coke with Cherry syrup. I don't fuck with Coke, but that drink was hitting the spot, lol. My granny went to Jamaica ::pouts:: so she can't cook me up some good Jamaican food.

Latley, I've been enjoying some throwback sitcoms: The Jefferson's, Sanford & Son and my favorite of the 3, ::singing it like in the opening credits:: GOOD TIMES!!! lol. Yeah man, I just lay up in my bed, tune in to either TV One or TV Land and the laughs just start coming. I be a-rolling, lol.

I was thinking about getting a twitter account. If anyone has one, I'ld love to know how it works. I don't really know what it is, but it seems interesting.

I'm about to kick back and watch some shows. I might do my laundry, I don't have much clothes left, lol

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Pinky said...

1. i'm wearing my biggie t shirt too
2. sanford and son is CRAP
3. idk what twitter is either!