Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inconsiderate People

I have to vent. It's 3:33 AM and I'm up. "Why are you up Danielle?",you may ask. I'm up because of an inconsiderate young woman that lives next door to me is BLASTING music very loudly.And then this biddie has a dude in there. What they're doing, I could careless about,but still. I'm going to try to go to sleep.

I may edit this post and I may not.

I'm trying so hard to refrain from calling her a bitch or knocking down her door like the police to bust her little party, but if I seem like a prude, I don't give a fuck.

I'm going to give her until 4:00 AM and if the volume hasn't decreased, it's on.

I wish I could sweet dreams, if I can only get to them!

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