Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Outing

Today was a good day. I went to my classes and then I came back with my ace boon. She came with me to TWO grocery stores! Isn't she so sweet? lol. First we walked to Giant and on our way we passed Staples. My friend/old roommate Tajah works there so we decided to hit her up and convinently, she was about to go on her "lunch" break. I got my groceries and we walked Jah back to her job. I dropped my stuff off and Lauren and I walked to another grocery store called Harris Teeter's. Yeah, I know, I've NEVER heard of it either,lol. So, last year around this time, she met this guy and they were talking and whatnot and homie turned out to be a stalker. Come to find out,stalker boy works at Harris Teeter's! LMFAO, as soon as she saw him, she booked it out of the store. So dramatic,lol.

We got back to the dorm and we got ready to go to Hooters. I've been FEENING for some wings and so has Gillian (a new homie). We decided to go. That's the only pic I took while we were there, I was hungry, lol. I like their wings and it was pretty spicy. We get out of the restaurant and start walking up the block and Gillian says,"What is that?" I'm like "What?" and then I look to the left. Me, Gill, Lauren and 4 other people that were walking in our vicinity screamed and ran. It was a big ass D.C. rat, lol. Me and Gill ran up the block and Lauren's melodramatic ass was running in the street. We finally got to Haagen-Daz and I got a Bailey's rum shake, which hit the spot.Mmmm, looks good, lol.

Lauren & Gillian with their ice cream. After Lauren took 20 minutes to finish her ice cream, lol, we got on the train back to Meridian.

Us on the Metro. So Gillian started skipping and I was talking about when I was a "yute" how I would skip fast and say, "Look at me mommy!" (I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood,lol). So we all started to skip, and of course, I was skipping the fastest, lol. It was fun. Then Gillian asked me to skip with her up the block and we did. I let her win at first, but I caught up, lol. I had a lot of fun today, it was cool and relaxed.

I will be doing another blog, but it'll be more centered around entertainment. You know, new songs, unrealeased songs, music videos, magazine releases, album reviews. Also, I'll link articles I've written as well as articles I had to write for class. My writing for the media professor said that I have to get serious for my career now. If you don't know, after college, I plan on being on the writing staff for VIBE magazine and enventually, becoming it's EIC (Editor In Chief). My goals seem big, but I'll get there. So look out for that, I'll keep you guys updated.

I am soooooo ready for bed,lol. I'm in my comfy Howard sweatpants with my quilt over my legs in my nice, soft, warm bed. I can fall asleep at aaaaany minute, lol.


Pinky said...

oooh that was good. that dc rat was more like a dc MONSTER it was HUGE!!... and i'm not melodramatic lol.

i'm glad you enjoyed your rump shaker... but i didn't take 20 minutes, it was like 5!

and that skipping was fun!

toytoyy said...

sooo one day in dance class we were doing this improv activityy & my dance teacher said "skip". do you know 95% of the class forgot how to skip?
lmaoo, they was in there galloping & shit.