Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Start Of A Eventful Week

I'm at work (but I'm off) and I have time on my hands. I know when I get home, there will be no time to blog, so here I am, lol.

This past weekend, I went home because the oh so cute and adorable Dyson B. (my baby sister) turned 1 year old !!! lol, yeah man, I'll put a pic up of her. I was just chillaxin at home, enjoying the daily cooked meals (I miss that ::pouts::). Me and my dad went back to NY yesterday (He works in New York). As soon as I got home (like 7:50 PM), I put my stuff down and hightailed it to Kevie's house,lol. I didn't leave til like 4:15 AM. I went to sleep at 4:30 AM and had to go to work for 9:00 AM. That DEF didn't work, lol. I called my boss and let him know that I was going to be late, being that I woke up at 8:50AM. I went to my job training and been chillin here ever since.

I'm basically going to be a camp counselor. I like kids, but the one thing I am NOT looking forward to is being in the sun. I mean, I look good and all, but I'm not tryning to get any darker. I am very content with my skin complexion is all.

After I leave from here, I'm going to buy food, go home and drop asleep. After that, probably go to Kevie's house. I gotta come back to work for training tomorrow morning for 10 AM, so no more late night weekday galavanting for me, lol. For this specific week, I'm going to be blogging because this week is going to be oh so eventful, lol

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