Sunday, July 13, 2008

Incorporating Some Culture In Our Lives

So today was the last day for the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the boo and I made our way there (it's right up the block from my house). The "security" or the workers were telling people not to take pictures but people were clicking away, all I saw were flashes,lol. I got 2 pics in

This one is cute, so I took a pic, lol. This is Murakami's charater, DOB, also his alter-ego (I think that's what one synopsis said)

I liked this one because all the jellyfish eyes and faces make one big face.

Don't I look so cute? lol, I liked that specific statue

I really enjoyed going to the museum (especially with Kevin). I liked the exhibit very much. After this trip, we decided to include more culture in our lives by going to new restaurants (trying new food), going to the museum more often, other things that include culture, we'll try it,lol. From the museum, we went to Subway to grab something to eat. We then walked to Atlantic Terminal/Mall and I had to get my new addiction: Coldstone's ice cream, lol. I swear I am addicted to their ice cream. Just last week, I had it twice, so sad, lol.

Look at me, cheesing with my sweet cream w/rainbow sprinkles in hand, lol

I enjoyed my ice cream on our way to the promenade (one of our many spots). We just chilled there, talked, looked at the "waterfall", just enjoying each others company. I had a really good day.

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