Sunday, July 6, 2008

Such A Busy Lady

I've been, yes, I know. Wednesday after work, I met up with Kevin at his house. We went to get some food and went to his granny's house. After that, we went back to his house and watched "First Sunday", then I went home and went to sleep. Thursday, I went to work, but we got off early because my boss was in major pain. I went home, changed and surprised Kevin at his job by meeting him there. He didn't know I was coming and was sooooo surprised,lol. We went back to his house so he can get ready for us to go to the movies. I was so tired that I fell asleep on his couch. After he woke me up, we hopped on the train to the Court St. movie theaters. We went to see Hancock

I had no clue that it was a comedy as well as an action movie. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this movie and like my boo said, as the movie got closer and closer to the release date, you learned more about the movie in the commercials. I enjoyed it, it was funny and entertaining. Plus, you can't really go wrong with Will Smith. After the movies, Kev bought me ice cream and while we were about to cross the street, this car pulls up and the person in the passenger leans over the driver and yells out the window, "What the hell you doing?" I'm on my phone,bout to check a voicemail and I thought Kevin knew who it was. I was bout to say,"Handle your friend, whoever she is", until I take a good look and I see it was my cousin Danniella. So they pull up to another curb, out the way of traffic and she comes out and we start talking, catching up on some things. After about 15 mintues, we said our goodbye's and went on our way. We hopped on the train to go home. Kevin rode the train with me all the way home [Sidebar: It's been a while since he's done that. He's getting a little too comfortable,lol]. He left and I got ready to go to a party. I met up with my cousin on the A train and rode it to 34th St. We got there and her two friends and Shannel were there waiting for us. As soon as we got there, we got in. The party was aight; the club was more like a lounge (in my opinion). The only best part of the party was when the reggae was being played, of course, lol. We all left the party and Adrianna's friend got us a ride home. I got home at 5 AM and was exaugsted. I went to sleep a quarter to 6 AM. I woke up around 1 PM and got ready for the 4th of July.

You know how most 4th of July festivites include BBQ's, fireworks, watermelon and american flags? Mine consisted of none of the above,lol. One of my friends were supposed to have a BBQ for me to go to, but that didn't go down, due to the fact that she had her own plans. I went to go meet Kevin at his job. When I got there, we just found out that he didn't get off until 5:30 OM, an hour from when I got there. I just chiled with him a bit, waited for him to get off. His "little brother" works at the aquarium as well, so we all left together. I was starving, so we took a walk to the McDonald's by his job and got a grab to eat. We then hopped on the train. he got off before me because I was going to my bestie Mellissa's house. I chilled at her house for a bit and then we went to her friend Vianka's house. Whitney came over to chill because the BBQ plans flopped on her as well and I didn't want to leave her hanging. We left Vianka's house to get some liqs for the evening. After that, we made our way to Sullivan St. to chill some people from there. We were all drinking and some were getting high. Majority of us were drunk and some of us were real nice, lol. We were all just chillin in front of the buliding, chillin and I was waiting for Adrianna so me her and Whitney can go to a party. She FINALLY got there and we left to go to this party. Now, it was all the way in the Dumbo area and I have never been there before. I also was supposed to go see Kevin after I chill with Mellissa, but I knew Adrianna was gonna be ranting and raving, so I went with her to the party. We got a dollar van to drive us close to the party and we met up with Adrianna's friend from Clark Atlanta as well as the host, who is from Morehouse. He walked us to his building and I was on the phone the whole way, upset because it was getting late and I wanted to see Kevin. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to and I had the sourpuss face majority of the time. We got into the house and it was dark as hell. There was "Purple Kisses" by The Dream playing and I was like,oh hell nah,what the HELL is this? I left because I lost service and went downstairs to the lobby to talk to Kevin. I spent the whole time there. When it was over, this guy Adrianna was talkin to came to pick us up from the party. He was mad cool, as well as his friend. They both were attractive so that's what was wassup,lol. Damien (the dude whipping it, who is talking to Adrianna) dropped me off at Kevin's house. He and I watched this movie called "Kids". I swear, this movie will have you thinking. Such a shame....but anyway, I went home in the morning and was knocked out.

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