Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missing You

It's mad late, or early, depending on who's reading, lol. But I'm just up, thinking about going back home to Brooklyn and thinking about hanging out with my besties. ALL of them, lol.

I'm thinking about the times I've been with Sexy 6 (Whitney, Naeemah, Jarena, Egypt, Shazel) and we just cracking jokes, reminisicing about the high school days, acting the damn fool and just LAUGHING. Now when I come home, I get to see my lil "niece" Samaya, a new baby in my life, lol.

I'm thinking about all the times me and Milly would be at her house just acting SO stupid and all the new friends I made through her. Her father joking on me and us just laughing like fools, lol. Me tryna find something to eat in her house, it ever fails. I'm thinking about the times I would be chilling with Alley and just talking about life, talking about relationships, throwing little funny things in to say. Then all three of us hanging and it's never a dull moment, NEVER, lol. Hanging out with Dorian, just being so stupid and acting like true brother and sister. Chillin with Rholan's ass and him always saying something to just have me giggle. I'm always in a good mood when I'm with him or any of these people.

All these people have a special place in my heart and I miss them so much. I've been so stressed in D.C. and I truly need a break. Being in the presence of these special people makes everything better and I would love to experience that ASAP. I have to wait until December though. It'll be well worth it though, I'm so excited, lol.

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