Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Of Clases...Wait...What?

So today is the first day of classes at Howard University and I follow quite a few of their students. At this moment right now, I won't front, I'm a bit sick about it, lol. I'm seeing tweets like:

"It's the beginning to an end"

"S/O to #2011"

"We almost out of here"

And even though I am happy for the people that are ACTUALLY seniors and that will ACTUALLY graduate, there's something inside of me that feels like a failure. I'm here in New York, working while my peers are in D.C., on the road to graduation. People go at their own pace, I know, but it's taking me a while to accept it.

I wonder if people will wonder why I'm not there. Not that I care, but I already have the idea in my head about the people I used to be cool with and I'm pretty sure they won't even notice. If they ask me about my whereabouts, they're getting straight ignored, because they never gave a damn before, so why the hell you trying to be concerned now? Yall just being nosy, at this point and I won't give them the satisfation.

My new expected graduation date is 2012. As long as I graduate, right?

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Pinky said...

half of them aren't even graduating. ha! i know i'm not, shoooooo