Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Years Ago

I met the love of my life and 3 years ago today, I made it official with him. I remember like it was yesterday....

It was the day before the first day of classes and we were talking on the phone in my new dorm room. We were just talking about each other and where we want to take this and he asked me, "Will you be my girlfriend?" I was kind of surprised. A couple of minutes later, I replied, "Yes" and that's when our story began.

We've been through some ups and some downs; in the relationship and in our personal lives and through it all, we still stayed together, held each other down and helped one another get through it.

I really couldn't ask for anything (or anyone) else. So Happy 3 year anniversary to Kevin & I !

The first picture we took together : September 2007, Labor Day weekend

Chillin at a mutual friend's house, being silly : June 2008

I threw him a surprise kickback for his birthday : June 2009

Took me out for my 21st birthday at our fav spot, lol : May 2010

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