Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yes, I am home. I left Howard today and I'm home in Delaware. I'm so glad, lol. Just get a break from school and stuff. It went by really quickly, it's kinda scary. Next thing you know it'll be me sitting on the yard at my commencement.

I probably will vlog either on my birthday or later in the week. I want to vlog, had fun doing my first one.

Um, oh yeah, my birthday is on tuesday, I'll be 20 years old (yikes). Lol, I'll probably get some cards from my fam and most likely I'll buy something for myself since my birthday gift from my mom was keeping me in school and my dad's gift is probably the security deposit he's giving me for the house. At least when I get home, I know my babes is gonna go all out for his girl.

I'm just enjoying the time I'll be here because as soon as I get to NY, I will be hitting the pavement.

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