Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh Well, Going Back To Del(aware)

I know, I haven't been updating lately, but everything has been so crazy. I've been really busy. Now that I have some time on my hands, I can update.
This was a very eventful weekend. I'm glad that I did a lot of things this weekend, being that this was my last weekend in Brooklyn before I go back to school. Today, I'm leaving to go to Delaware to spend time with my family. Then on Thursday, I'm leaving to go back to Howard. So I'll start my weekend from Friday
Friday: I woke up at 5:30 am to go to the YRC. We were going to go to Splish Splash that day. we got on the bus by 9:30 and got there by 10:30. I haven't been to Splish Splash (a water park in Long island) in like 5 years,lol. The last time I went, I had no one to go on any rides with me, since I was with my parents and little siblings. I had a really good time with my friends. It rained when we were about to leave and I was really glad about that because we got to go on all the rides. Me after I changed into my bathing suit. This was the first time I wore a bathing suit all summer,lol
Alley & I. She was my partna in crime for the summer. I love this girl

Me, Robert, Jess & Alex. Jess was our superviser over the summer at the YRC.

We got back at 6:15pm and I chilled at Alex's house for a bit with her peoples. Kevin lives right down the block so I went to hang out with him at his house after. We watched "Perfect Stranger" and then I fell asleep. It was a loooooong day,lol. Kevin called me a cab and I went home. I went to sleep at 1:30am.

Saturday: Mellissa woke me up with her phone call. I was glad that she was because I had a lot of things to do that day. I got ready and left my house at 9:00am. I went to the bank to cash my check. After that, I went to go get my hair done but my hair dresser wasn't in. I met up with Alex and we went to find her sneakers. After that we went to meet up with Mellissa, who was getting her hair done. I got my hair done there as well. I got there at 1:00pm and left at 3:00pm. I took a trip to Manhattan to buy an outfit. I went to 34th St. and found nothing. then I went to SoHo, hoping that I would find something for the party. I remembered that Whitney worked in SoHo, so I went to visit her and lucky me, she was about to go on her lunch break. We went to grab something to eat at Wendy's and went to Necessary Objects to see if I could find something. I get a text from Alex saying that Milly said that we are on our cardigan flow, seeing as how Milly bought a cardigan from J. Crew and Alley was wearing her cardigan from Hellz Bellz. I already had a cardigan so I went home so I can get my stuff together to go to Milly's house. I got to Milly's house at 8:00pm and we were just chilling, waiting for people to come so the party could get started [Sidebar: Saturday was Milly's going away/birthday party. My ace boon bestie is going away to SUNY Morrisville this Thursday]. It got jumping around 11:30pm, or whenever the DJ started playing reggae,lol.

Kamilah, NaNa & Vianka

Kamilah & I rocking our Hellz Bellz

Milly looking so cute,lol

Alley looking fly with her Hellz Bellz & new Nike's

We were on our cardigan flow. I love these girls. They're like my lil sisters

The Cool Kids: Lance, Kevin & Ray

Dorian (my lil brother), Najeeb & Rholan "tekking" a pose

Mellissa's cake. It was red velvet

Rholan & Alex dancing

Milly, Lance, and Ray

The party was over at 3:30 am. Me, London (Milly's friend from high school), Alex and Monica (Alex's little sister) slept over. We didn't go to bed until 5:15 am. We woke up at 10:30 and were just chilling. Alex & Monica were the first to leave. After that, I helped Mellissa pack her clothes for school. We all got ready to leave at 2:15pm. I went home to get ready for my date.

Sunday: I got home, took the quickest shower and got dressed. I had to pick Kevin up from work at 5:00pm, so I wanted to leave my house by 3:00pm so I can get my toes done before I go get him. I get out the shower and see I get a missed call from Kevin, but he was at home. He didn't go to work because he got home late from the party. I waited for him to come over so we can start our date. First, we went to Flatbush so I can get my toes done. We hopped on the bus to Atlantic to go to 42nd St. so we can have dinner at our favorite place: Olive Garden. Before we ate, we took a trip to Jamba Juice

I LOOOOOOVE Jamba Juice,lol. We (Kevin & I) were so happy when we got our Mango A Go Go,lol

Then we ate dinner. I love that chicken alfredo, hits the spot,lol. It was just real cool and relaxing. The waiter we had was a really cool guy, he took care of us and was very polite.

I wanted to take a pic. I was going for the preppy look. I think I succeded,lol

After dinner, we took the Q train to Coney Island. That was a long ride,lol. I fell asleep while we were listening to his iPod. We got off at West 8th and were just walking around on the boardwalk, talking and just enjoying each other's company. There's a pier farther down the boardwalk, where Kevin and I spent majority of our time there. We talked, told each other how much we loved each other and were just enjoying being around each other. We had a mini photoshoot

My baby, giving me a kiss. I love it,lol

My train leaves at 4:00 PM , so I've been chillin since I woke up. I do miss my family and can't wait to see them. I will miss Kevin and all my friends. I know I have to go back to school and get on my grind. I'm kind of ready and then I'm kind of not, but I just have to take everything one step at a time

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