Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Vent

Imma vent a lil bit. Can't tweet, got twitter watchers, lol. And no one really reads the blog, so yes! sanctuary, lol. Nothing serious, just a lil something.

Today is this boy's birthday and I guess his ex tweeted a birthday tweet and he was like, "Awww, don't be like that, big thanks, you know I appreciate it." Nigga what? The fuck you appreciating? Now me, I have to do certain things to not feel jealous, like make new friends. This is not out of spite. I'm trying this new thing, where I don't get mad so easily and take everything to the heart and for that to happen, I have to occupy myself and my mind. If I'm occupied, I wont have the time to think about lil fuckery like that.

I'm good though.


Pinky said...

haha WRONG i read your blog soooo blaow!

he can't appreciate a birthday wish dani?

alls i know is that it goes waaay deeper than a little birthday wish my friend

you know who it is.

B. Sharpe said...

let that nigga be mama .... its ya Bro =D