Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sidenote: Changed the layout. Kinda dark, but the shit pops.

Whenever something goes "wrong" in my life, I seclude myself and truly know that I'm all by myself. But like my mom usually says, "You were born alone, you'll die alone." Yet, she recently told me that she doesn't like that I'm by myself so often; told me I act like an old woman and I should act like a young woman and go out and shit.

I'm just bout to say fuck it. Fuck everyone, fuck this. Imma keep my mind on 2 things: school and work. Aint nobody out here gonna do shit for me but my damn self so fuck yall. I only have myself and that's how it's been for so long. I got through this thing called life for 20 years now with not much help and Imma keep living this shit the same way.

People act real funny style and people are really for self. I understand you got your life, but I do too much for people to get nothing in return. Imma keep doing it though because what you put out is what you get and Imma gets mines in the biggest way, I know it.

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