Sunday, April 3, 2011


I want to be left alone for a while and go away. Travel to different cities and embark on different things. That would be cool. No time for that though. 1 more year left of school so I gotta bang it out. Got my last perm in March. My last perm was going to be in May but I'm deciding on starting the natural process now. Going to get my first weave for my birthday. I need more clothes. I'm pretty casual when it comes to wears but I want to change it up, be a bit more versatile. But I have responsible things to do with my money so shopping frivilously isn't really an option. I want to do something new. Try new foods, go new places, cook new things, meet new people. I actually want new people to hang with, but that's hard to find. I'm ready for a positive change in my life, long story short.

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