Sunday, January 23, 2011

When I first got into this relationship with my boyfriend, it didn't cross my mind that there would be times that I'm going to be ridiculously lonely without him. It also didn't cross my mind that there would be times where we won't see each other for months at a time. We're going through something right now. He's working now, about to start school. I'm in D.C. for school, about to start working; we've never been this busy simultaneously. It was either we were both at school or I was was working and going to school and he was taking a break from school. It's hard for me to deal with because I don't know when I'm going to see him again and I have to get used to the fact that we're apart again. He said he's trying to figure out a way to get here and that he has to handle some things first before he can make this trip.

::sighs:: I just want him here but at the same time, I don't want him to make a decision that may jeopardize his job.



Pinky said...

damn son, i know EXACTLY what ur going through :(

Dani B. said...

It's hard out here for us!